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Poly-V Endcaps (pulley Inserts, hubs) for 1.9" Conveyor Rollers

Poly-V Endcap (Pulley Insert) for 1.9" conveyor rollers

Poly-V Endcap (Pulley Insert)
for 1.9" Conveyor Rollers

Click here to download
Poly-V Endcap (Pulley Insert)
drawing for 1.9" roller

CAUTION:   Poly-V belts may not work on curves. Click here to see reasons. Our Poly-O endcaps may help solve the problem.
  • For use with PJ profile ConveyXonic Poly-V belts.
  • Also called multi-rib, V-ribbed, Micro-V® inserts.
  • Fits 1.9" x 16 gauge conveyor roller tubes (press fit).
  • Also available for 50mm conveyor roller tubes.
  • Nearly invisible parting line will not abrade belts.
  • Comes with one or two ABEC-1 6002 ZZ bearings.
  • For loads weighing up to 1000 lbs* (450 kg).
  • Maximum 160 lbs/rollers* (73kg/roller) with 16 gauge tubing.
  • Made from sturdy glass reinforced nylon.
  • Anti-static
  • Will not rotate in tube -- long length and slip-resistant splines eliminate need to crimp. Tests by a major conveyor manufacturer showed that round crimped endcaps typically twist at 300 in-lbs torque, while our splined endcaps twist at 1000 in-lbs. Three times more twist resistant.
  • Proven European design (millions in service).
  • Fits standard 7/16" hex shafts.
  • Also available for round bolt shafts.
  • Operating temperature range: -20°F to 230°F (-29°C to 110°C).
  • Low cost, fast delivery.

Poly-v Endcap (hub) for 2.5" Pallet Conveyor Roller

Poly-V Endcap (Hub) for 2.5" Pallet Conveyor Roller
Poly-V Endcap (Hub) for 2.5" Pallet Conveyor Roller

Poly-V Endcap (Hub) for 2.5"
Pallet Conveyor Rollers

Click here to download
Poly-V endcap Insert drawing
for 2.5" Pallet Conveyor Roller
  • For use with PJ and PK** profiles ConveyXonic Poly-V belts.
  • Fits 2.5" x 11 gauge conveyor roller tubes (press or slip fit,
    then weld in place).
  • Also called multi-rib, V-ribbed, Micro-V® inserts.
  • Comes with one ABEC-2 6005 ZZ bearings
  • For loads weighing up to 3000 lbs* (1360kg.) with PJ profile.
  • For pallets up to 4,400 lbs* (2,000 kg.) with 5-rib PK** profile.
  • Maximum 260 lbs/roller* (118 kg/roller) with undercut 10 gauge tubing.
  • Made from 1020 steel.
  • Fits standard 11/16" hex shafts.
  • Unlike pressed-in or crimped bearings, our bearings can be removed and replaced, so rollers should last much longer.
  • Up to 25% lighter than competing products, lowers freight costs.
  • Made in USA. Will beat any price on Chinese imports.
  • New lower price, fast delivery.

Complete conveyor rollers with our high quality Poly-V endcap inserts (hubs) installed are available from Hytrol Conveyor, NorthAmCon,
Omni Metalcraft, Sunhill Global, and TGW.

To see YouTube video on How to Install Bearing click here.  Note that if you install the bearing immediately after welding the endcap into the tube, the heat from welding will have expanded the endcap so that you can easily install the bearing. Alternately, simply heating the endcap to 400° F will expand the hole by 0.007" and thus greatly facilitate bearing installation.

CAUTION:  Since Motorized Drive Rollers (MDRs) do not have through shafts, their load rating capacity is much lower than standard conveyor rollers. Therefore, they are not recommended for use at the end of roller zones, especially where flat belts are used. For the recommended location of MDRs on flat belt zones, click here.

*Roller load capacity and maximum weight/roller depends upon roller tube wall-thickness, roller length, material, speed and acceleration/deceleration, as well as center distance between rollers. Plus the pallet's number and position of point(s) of contact with roller and availability of internal tube support between tube and shaft (usually half way between endcaps). We do not manufacturer conveyor rollers, so verify capacity with your roller manufacturer before making a significant purchase.

Our 2.5" roller's 260 lbs/roller maximum weight/roller was derived from Hutchinson's maximum 4,400 lb pallet weight, presumably limited by their poly-v belt's capacity, but the 6005 bearing can handle loads of up to 1,400 lbs, so two bearings, one on each end of a roller, could support over 2000 lbs/roller. Consequently, with our poly-v endcaps on each end of a roller, twice as many PJ poly-v belts could be used to move pallets weighing well over 5000 lbs. See how to install endcaps on each end of a roller. Installing two 8-rib PJ poly-v belts (one on each end of 2.5" rollers) will be much more difficult than installing a single belt, but it can be done with an inexpensive winch that you can purchase from Lowe's and Home Depot.

**PK-profile available on special order only.

Poly-V® is a registered trademark of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.
Micro-V® is a registered trademark of the Gates Rubber Company.

For the best in multi-rib, V-ribbed, Micro-Vee and Poly-Vee endcaps (pulley inserts)
for conveyor rollers, insist on DuraBelt.

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