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Polycord® and Dura-Belt Equivalent Belts and Belting

Polycord® is Habasit’s trademark name for its rough green thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) round belting cord. It is an excellent, high quality belting cord. DuraBelt makes belts from Polycord® cord that it purchases or is provided by its customers. As such, DuraBelt is a contract belt fabricator. We also fabricate matte or rough green belts from our rough green urethane cord (See Rough Green Belting). While the materials are virtually equivalent, there are slight differences:
  Habasit Polycord® Dura-Belt Equivalent
Type of Polyurethane Caprolactone TPU Ester TPU
Durometer 90A 88A
Abrasive resistance Very Good Excellent
Hygroscopic resistance Yes Yes
Recommended stretch 9%* 10%, (16% HT Rough Green)
Temperature Range -4F to 122F -4F to 130F
Cost Expensive Less Expensive
Coefficient of friction on steel 0.3 0.3
Chemical Resistance See Cyclothane-A resistances See Cyclothane-A resistances
Dynamic Tension See graph below See graph below
*Habasit recommends 8% stretch for Polycord® cord, but they calculate it differently. To get the cut length, they multiply the installed length by 0.92 (1.00 minus 8%). We divide the installed length by 1.09 (1.00 plus 9%). Both methods produce nearly the same cut length.
Polycord belt chart
Note: Our tests were done on one 100-foot roll of Habasit Polycord® purchased three months before the test. Since Habasit sells millions of feet of 5mm Polycord® each year, our sample is not statistically valid. This should be taken into consideration when drawing conclusions from the data above. A 95% confidence level would require testing of at least 10,000 belts with samples from many different rolls selected randomly over a period of a year. This would be very expensive and time consuming. Therefore, we will provide a description of our test equipment and a sample of our rough green cord to anyone who wants to perform further tests.
Polycord-type lineshaft belts
Polycord®-type Lineshaft Belts
Polycord-type Rough Green Cord
Rough Green Cord
Polycord-type roller belts
Polycord®-type Motorized Roller Belts
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