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Plastic Springs

Urethane Springs, Hold Down Clips

Urethane Springs

Plastic Springs (also called Hold Down Clips) are made from urethane O-ring belts and polytubes. They are often used on curves to connect the outside edge of wide flat belts to chains so that the flat belts will not slip inward. The high resiliency of Cyclothane-A gives them long life. Extrusion orients long chain molecules in the direction of stretch, so our O-rings typically last much longer than molded O-rings. Lubricated polytubes extend their life span even more.

Plastic springs work best in applications where constant tension is desired. Applications that require high frequency extensions and contractions work better with steel springs.

  • Available is several styles, sizes, durometers, and colors.
  • Materials: Food grade Cyclothane-A or “Jungle Urethane” which is water , humidity, mold and UV resistant.
  • When ordering specify with or without food grade lubricant in the polytube.
For the best in plastic springs, insist on Dura-Belt.

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