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Cogged Oval Belts

Cogged Oval Belts Cogged Oval Belt and Pulley

Conveyor diverters and urethane belt transfers may jam if an errant box snags a round belt and rolls it out of a pulley. This cogged oval belt is designed to eliminate that problem. Its flat sides fit snugly against special high-walled pulleys that lock the belt in position and prevent it from rotating and climbing the pulley walls. The cogs allow the belt to flex along its long axis, so the belt can be used with small diameter pulleys. The inside and outside of the oval belt are cogged, allowing the belt to bend in both directions, i.e., back upon itself, something that cogged V-Belts cannot do. DuraBelt has the capability to place the cogs either directly opposite each other or offset by up to 5/8".

Dimensions:  0.401" long diameter x 0.313" short diameter

Durometer:  83A         Color:  clear

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