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Oil & Goo Resistant Non-Slip Belts (Slip Resistant Belting)

Dura-Belt’s Oil Resistant Non-Slip Belts may be the only elastic belts that work well in slippery oil, goo and syrup environments. These round belts are composed of metal springs with a virtually seamless joint that screws together -- no hooks to scratch rollers. The spring provides elasticity and does not hydroplane on oil or goo (e.g., cola syrup) like smooth belts, so it grips surfaces better and slips less.

Oil or goo usually protect surfaces from being abraded by the metal spring. Since there is no jacket on the outside of these springs, they should not be used on surfaces that are not coated by oil, goo or syrup.

Please try a sample before ordering large quantities.

Normal stretch is 18%.

All our oil and goo resistant anti-slip belts (also called Spring Belts) are available as both endless belts and connectable belts.

Acid attacks our regular music wire steel belts and causes them to rust. If goo that drips onto rollers contains acid (e.g. cola syrup contains citric acid), please specify stainless steel spring belts.

Operating temperature range for music wire springs is -90° to 300°F (450°F for stainless steel springs).

Note that elastic urethane belts have excellent oil resistant and often work well in applications where there are small amounts of oil, but they tend to slip in very oily, gooey or syrupy environments because they hydroplane. In such cases our slip resistant spring belts usually perform much better.

For more information on slip resistant belting or non-slip belts click on Anti-Slip Sleeves for wet or dusty environments.

Non-Slip, Oil or Goo Resistant Belt
Non-Slip, Oil or Goo
Resistant Belt
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