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Motor Driven Roller Belts (MDR Belts)

Motor Driven Roller Belts are also called MDR belts and Moller® Belts. They connect a motorized roller to a group of six to ten slave rollers, called a zone. Usually the motorized roller is in the center of the zone, but on inclines it is at the top end.

When selecting a belt, choose the one that will move your maximum box weight (shown below).  Note that “Max” loads exceed our recommendations, but customers have successfully run at those higher loads using boxes at least 80% as long as the zone. Also note that four-groove rollers let you double box weights, e.g., .210" HT Red belts could move 260 lb. boxes.

Moder Driven Roller belts

Motor Driven Roller Belts

HT Blue belts

.210" BestFlex Conveyor Belts

HT Blue belts

3/16" (4.8mm) HT Blue Belts

High Tension HT Red belts on curve

.210" HT RED Belts on
curve with tapered rollers

HEHT Black Belts on 15 roller zone

HEHT Black Belts on 15 roller zone

HEHT Green Belts on shallow groove

HEHT Green Belt
on shallow groove

5/16 HT Blue Belts on curve with tapered sleeves

1/4"or 5/16" HT BLUE Belts
on curve with sleeves

Four-groove rollers let
you double box weights.

Abuse Resistant HT Rough Green Belts

Abuse Resistant
HT Rough Green Belts

Four groove Motorized Rollers are made by Holjeron. Itoh Denki makes two groove end caps that can provide an additional 2 grooves/roller. Ralphs-Pugh makes 4 groove idlers.

Flat and round conveyor belting

Flat & Round Belts move 200 lbs/roller

Motorized Roller Manufacturers

(arranged alphabetically)
213712 Interroll, Itoh Denki, Holjeron, Pulse Roller
  1. Standard 3/16” (4.8mm) belt 83A  Color: clear. For boxes up to 50 lbs (6 lbs/roller). Stretch:14%.  NSN# 3030-04-000-7603

  2. Standard .210” (5.3mm) belt 85A  Used on flexible conveyors like FMH BestFlex conveyors. Sizes for 1.9" rollers: .210" x 12.69" clear belts and .210" x 13.18" orange, motor belts.

    Long Life HT (High Tension) Belts
  3. Long-Life 3/16” (4.8mm) HT BLUE belt 85A  Color: “Post Office Blue”.  For boxes up to 80 lbs (9 lbs/roller).  Max 100 lbs.  New version is 9% stronger, so new max should be 109 lbs. Stretch: 20%.  NSN# 3030-04-000-7603

  4. Long-Life .210” (5.3mm) HT RED belt 85A  Color: translucent red (also available in translucent blue). For boxes up to 100 lbs (12 lbs/roller).  Max 130 lbs. Used on curves in postal distribution centers. See adjacent picture. Stretch: 20%.

  5. Long-Life .216” (5.5mm) HEHT BLACK belt 88A  Color: Black. For boxes up to 130 lbs (16 lbs/roller), maximum 180 lbs on 10 roller zones.  HEHT belts (Highly Elastic, High Tension) let you use one size for two different center distances (e.g., 3" and 3.5").  Easily moves 100 lb. boxes on 15 roller zones -- seven slave rollers on each side of the MDR. (One customer reports using them on 19 roller zones with 9 slaves on each side of the MDR. Another customer reports moving 225 lb. boxes on 10 roller zones that are still running strong after 3 years. This means our HEHT belts can compete with 2-rib poly-v belts at a much lower cost.) When stretched 24% to 30%, they neck down to fit into most 3/16" (5mm) deep roller grooves. HEHT belts actually conform to the whole groove, becoming oval in shape, so there is much greater surface contact, which means much greater slip resistance. Lower installation tension makes them relatively easy to install. See adjacent picture. Stretch: 15% to 30%. Usually we recommend 24% stretch.

    New  3/16" (4.7mm) HEHT 88A translucent green belt is designed for 1.9" rollers with shallow grooves. (An engineer recently reports moving 110 lb boxes on 16 roller zones with motor under conveyor.) When stretched 24%, it will neck down to .165", yet provide more drive than 3/16" 83A belts and 3/16" 85A HT Blue belts.

    Our .216" HEHT 88A black belts will move mountains, so our .25" (6.3mm) HEHT 88A black belts should move huge mountains -- to be determined by our users.

  6. Long-Life .235” (6mm) HT GREEN belt 85A  Color: translucent green.  For boxes up to 120 lbs (15 lbs/roller).  Max 160 lbs. Stretch: 20%.

  7. Long-Life 1/4” (6.4mm) HT BLUE belt 85A  Color: translucent blue.  For boxes up to 140 lbs (17 lbs/roller).  Max 200 lbs. Used on flexible conveyors and on rollers that have sleeves. If belts protrude above the roller surface, sleeves will prevent boxes from colliding with belts. See adjacent picture. Stretch: 20%.

  8. Long-Life 5/16” (8mm) HT BLUE belt 85A  Color: translucent blue.  For boxes up to 200 lbs (26 lbs/roller). Max 230 lbs on level surface. Used primarily on rollers that have sleeves, especially on curves and spiral inclines. See adjacent picture. Stretch: 20%.

    Abuse Resistant, HT Rough Green or Blue Belts
    Jammed boxes will bring slave rollers and belts to a halt. As soon as a sensor detects a jam, the PLC must turn off its powered roller quickly -- within 4 seconds. Otherwise, the Motorized Roller will continue to turn under the jammed box, forcing the belts to slip and overheat. Such abuse will cause premature belt failure.

    Smooth belts have a high coefficient of friction (COF), so when forced to slip, they heat up and abrade or melt. Rough green belts have a low COF that lets them slip easier with less heat build up, so they can take more abuse. The trade off is that they slip too soon, so they cannot move heavy boxes like smooth belts. We recommend rough green belts in applications where boxes are light to moderate weight, and where PLC’s are set to power through jams -- or where there are no sensors to detect jams.

  9. Abuse Resistant 5mm HT Rough Green belt 88A   For boxes up to 60 lbs (7 lbs/roller max). Stretch 16%.

  10. Abuse Resistant 6mm HT Rough Green belt 88A   For boxes up to 70 lbs (8 lbs/roller max). These belts will stick up above regular grooves, causing boxes to skew. They are used on curves that have tapered sleeves which elevate boxes enough so they do not touch the belts. Stretch 16%.

    Flat and Round Belts Combined
  11. A combination of flat and round belts can move very heavy loads by creating "pseudo Motorized Rollers". Adjacent is a powered roller zone with 14 rollers that can theoretically move heavy loads up to 80 lbs per roller -- or 180 lbs per roller if another set of flat belts is added to the other end of the rollers. If you specify grooves that are more than 1.25" apart, you can use wider flat belts that could theoretically move loads up to 400 lbs per roller. For more info Click here.

Longer Lasting Belts:  Nine years ago 40,000 of our 3/16 HT BLUE belts were installed in two large postal distribution centers. Since then, they have been running 24 hrs/day 7 days/week, and they are still going strong even though some tubs are over weight and have soft bottoms. Over 1 million are in service in postal distribution centers throughout the world. Also see Longer Lasting Belts.

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