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"The most resilient belts"

Since our belts contain no regrind (reused waste), they should be more resilient than those that do. We will be happy to send you 20 belts to test. Put them and our competitors' belts of identical size and durometer* on the same conveyor span. After 3 months cut off all the belts and measure their length. Ours should demonstrate their resiliency by being about 1/8" to 1/4" shorter. Conveyor manufactures sometimes use this test. Now you can too! Greater resilience means more drive, longer life, and less downtime. Insist on DuraBelt.

*This is not a perfect test because slightly different thicknesses, lengths and durometers can complicate the results. However, the test should be able to differentiate between our belts and those that have high regrind content. Some Asian manufacturers have told us that they normally use 15% regrind.

Most Resilient O-Ring Belts
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