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Chemical Resistant Belts (Coolant Resistant Belting)

Dura-Beltís chemical resistant Hytrel polyester belts are resistant to most chemicals, including many chlorinated compounds, coolant oils, acids and bases (alkali). Our polyurethane belts are resistant to most oils and a significant number of chemical compounds, but not to most acids or bases (alkali).

Dura-Beltís Chemical Resistance Chart lists many chemicals that have been exposed to our belting. The chart, however, is compiled from several different sources, so we have not verified its accuracy. Moreover, different concentrations and temperatures may affect belts more severely than what is show in the chart.

Therefore, before making a significant purchase of belts used in a chemical environment, you should test the belts first. Simply put one in a bottle containing the chemical substance and let it sit for a few weeks at the same temperature of your application. If it changes color, cracks, bloats or dissolves, it is not resistant to your chemical. Even if the belt looks good, you should run it on your application for a few weeks to make sure that it has not been affected by the chemical.

Needless to say, if your chemicals are not in our chart, or if you mix chemicals that are in our chart, you must perform the same test.

chemical resistant belts

Chemical Resistant Belt

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