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Acid Resistant Belts & Acid Proof Belting

Dura-Belt’s Acid Resistant Hytrel® polyester belts are elastic round belts that work well in most acid (low pH) environments. Following is their acid resistance rating:

  • Acetic acid (Glacial) -- Excellent
  • Acetic acid (30%) -- Excellent
  • Boric acid -- Excellent
  • Carbolic acid -- Poor
  • Citric acid -- Excellent
  • Fatty acids -- Good
  • Hydrochloric acid -- Good
  • Nitric acid -- Fair to Poor
  • Phosphoric acid -- Excellent
  • Sulfuric Acid (up to 50%) -- Excellent
  • Tartaric Acid -- Good
  • Vinegar -- Excellent
  • Other Acids -- See Acid Reistance Test

The information above was taken from two industrial sources and is untested by DuraBelt. Therefore, we cannot assume any liability for its reliability. The two sources sometimes contradict each other, so we highly recommend that you test the resistance of your belt to the acid before making a substantial purchase. Use this information only as an initial guideline and confirm is applicability with your own tests.

acid resistant polyester belts & acid proof belting

Acid Resistant Hytrel Belt

Acid Resistance Test:  Put a piece of Hytrel polyester belting in a bottle containing the acid solution at the expected concentration. Let it sit for a week at the expected operating temperature. If the appearance of the belt changes significantly (extreme discoloration, bloating, cracking, becomes limp, etc.), then it is not resistant to the acid solution. We will send you free samples to test.

Also note that the presence of other chemicals, their concentration, and the ambient temperature often greatly affects chemical resistance. Therefore, the belts may not be completely acid proof in all environments. For more info click on Chemical Resistance Chart

For the best in acid resistant belts and acid proof belting, insist on DuraBelt.

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